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Appraisal & Counseling Services

The firm specializes in appraisal and counseling services of complex real estate in the United States and more recently, Europe. With 28+ years of experience, Brian Underwood provides valuation and consulting services relating to litigation support, dispute resolution, and expert testimony. He is experienced in providing straight forward solutions to complex real estate matters. His ability to “think out of the box” and provide objective perspective generates positive results for clients. The firm has been engaged in a number of high profile projects that include studying impacts on value, complex real estate tax assessment issues, partition actions, and extensive mediation.

Mr. Underwood holds the CRE designation awarded by the Counselors of Real Estate , the most trusted advisors in real estate. He is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). RICS promotes and enforces the highest international standards in real estate valuation, development, and management. In addition, he served as Chairman of the New Hampshire Real Estate Appraiser Board and was the first appraiser in New Hampshire to complete the Superior Court’s mediation training.